No permission for Apache

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

Webmin version 1.970
Virtualmin version 6.14
PHP: fpm-fcgi

In Wordpress Site Health Info /Filesystem Permissions
I suddenly gets this:
The main WordPress directory: Not writable
The wp-content directory: Not writable
The uploads directory: Not writable
The plugins directory: Not writable
The themes directory: Not writable

Normally there is permission on all.

I’d appreciate help with this problem. Thanks

First try the simple method to address this issue: Virtualmin → Limits and Validation → Validate Virtual Servers: Fix Permissions tab

Thank you, but that did not help.
When I look in cli the folders seem to have right name and permissions.
It is drwxr-x— just as it used to be.
Owner and Group are both domainname.

@Smedby that’s correct, virtualmin uses selinux means virtualmin domain user owns folder. So for example domain. Com = domain user can read and write in folder public domain, also file permissions would be set up correctly for that user. So upload everything for that folder as user domain via ssh and you shouldn’t have any issues.

@calport why? Simple ls -l command will tell you who owns it and what permissions are for folder or file…fast without anything else checking eh!

Thank you all.
We managed to fix it.
New php 8.0 messed it up.
Had to remove it.

I never, ever get anything when it’s new. Ever. I wait for others to get it sorted before I touch it.

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