No option for Amazon S3 ?

My server was “rooted” so I had to have a re-install.

Before doing so I backed up everything using my Amazon S3 bucket

But now the server has been re-installed with VirtualMin, I dont seem to have
the Amazon S3 option for the restore of all my virtual servers.

The version that my server provider installed is 3.88.gpl GPL

Does this not have the Amazon S3 bucket option ?

I think I need that option in order to restore all my virtual servers.

Thanks for helping.


Only Virtualmin pro has that option

Haven’t used that feature yet, most likely you can copy the files back manually from S3 to your server?

But I think the renewal fee is only a third of the first year fee. Probably worth the price to get your backups back (in a convenient way :slight_smile:

Yeah, as helpmin mentioned, the easiest thing you could do without actually renewing would just be to use another tool in order to access your backups from Amazon’s S3.

There’s a number of ways to do that – and once you download them, just copy them to your server, and it’ll be able to restore those with no problems.


Thanks for your help.

I got the pro version as an early adopter about 3 years ago and did have a good deal on renewals
for when I was ready to go for the renewal.

My email address is not running because the website is not on the server ; )
so if I could find out what getting my pro account renewed will cost, maybe I can do that.

My temp email address is

Please let me know so I can get my websites back up online.


here is the list for renewals:


Indeed, all the Virtualmin products and renewals were discounted for a few years during the early adopter period. Also, early adopters got a free year added to their license at the end of the early adopter period.

While there aren’t any early adopter discounts active now, you can see the current renewal pricing following the link that helpmin offered. The cost of a renewal is significantly cheaper than the cost of the initial purchase price.



OK, I bought my renewal package for 50 domains.

I have an order number in my orders page 5361

A week ago I had the VirtualMin Pro on my server but when the
server was reinstalled a couple of days ago, the server suppliers installed
the 3.88.gpl GPL .

How do I get it back to VirtualMin Pro ?
Is there an easy way from the VirtualMin admin page ?

Then I can restore my websites.

Thanks for your help.

You can try

virtualmin-system settings-upgrade to virtualmin pro

Thanks for that.

Unfortunately as I purchased my license about 3 years ago
I do not know what the Serial number and License key are.

My account does not have it recorded anywhere.

Is it possible they can be resent to me ?

Many thanks.

You should be able to see this information in the following menu (after you login to virtualmin):

My Account - Software Licenses

If not I would create a support request for this (since you are a Pro user) to get this resolved.

Hmm, I don’t see a Virtualmin Pro license associated with this particular account. Is it possible that you purchased it using a different account? If so, do you know what that might be, or what email address may have been used?


Hi Eric,

I am pretty sure it was with this account, I have not had any other account.

My VirtualMin Pro started giving a red banner warning a while ago, I think that was when my 2 year early adopter period ran out. I didnt renew it then and posted a question about if I could renew it later when I had more funds and would I lose functionality while I waited.

The answer was that it should all continue working OK and that I could renew it later.
I think I may have lost some functions but backups continued as normal.

Maybe when the red banner came on, the license was de-associated from my account?

I am sure your accounts will show that I did have the Virtualmin Pro license and it would have been purchased around the time I created this account.

One proof that I had VirtualMin Pro is that I have been doing the backups to AWS via cron job and I get emails from the system every day

eg -

Backup is complete. Final size was 2.86 GB. Total backup time was 3 hours, 17:55 minutes.

Sent by Virtualmin at:

Creating backup for virtual server

Copying virtual server configuration …
… done

Backing up Cron jobs …
… none defined.

Copying records in DNS domain …
… done

Saving mail aliases …
… done

Saving mail and FTP users …
… done

etc etc etc

I dont know how to find this old Serial number
and License key.

Even if I do find it, maybe it has been marked as invalid now : (

Oh no,

I subscribed for a year to the Virtualmin pro and had been meaning to renew but could not afford to
do so. As the backups were automatically doing their job and backing up to S3 I just left it running.

Because I got some kind of attack ( “fully rooted” ) last week my server has just been restored.

So is there no way I can easily restore these amazon backups via VirtualMin ?
I dont know what to do right now.


Well, while I don’t know what might have happened as of yet, I can offer that licenses shouldn’t ever be disassociated from accounts, or marked as invalid – they’re either active, or expired – and expired licenses can be renewed.

I just helped a fellow renew whose license had been expired since 2007, actually.

I don’t imagine you have a backup of your /etc directory anywhere? The /etc/virtualmin-license file would have what we need.

Or, if you have a backup of your virtualmin config files in virtualmin.tar.gz, that would contain your license as well I believe.

Ironically, even if you did have that file, I suspect you wouldn’t be able to access it, as it’s probably sitting on S3 right now :slight_smile:

I’ll do a little more digging to try and figure out what your license is.


“-- and expired licenses can be renewed”

Great - I am happy about that, its what I remembered.

I dont think I have ANY directory backups except to Amazon because I only dumped to AWS
and all that stuff was the virtual server info which probably does not contain
the directories that you mentioned.

I just looked through my paypal records and see that I started renting my server
on 28 Mar 2008. So I think I must have bought the VirualMin Pro license around that time.

I do not see any paypal payment for yourselves but maybe I paid with Credit card direct.

Thanks for helping sort this out.

My server has been down a week now so I hope we can get everything back on line quickly.

Okay Davvit, take a look at, do you see license details there now?



Well, a “server not found” error may be a DNS error… where are your domain’s nameserver’s pointing to now? You may want to check a few things –

  1. Go into System Settings, and run Re-Check Config

  2. If you’re using your own server as a nameserver, you can check the “How do I setup my nameservers” section of this document:

  3. If you go over to, you can have them run a DNS report for you, which will show if there’s some sort of DNS issue


I have got the VirtualMin Pro up and running again - thanks.

I have also restored two webs’tes but I am getting SERVER NOT FOUND
do I have to do something with DNS ?

Thanks for your help