NO mailman plugin?

I just installed a fresh Webmin/Virtualmin system on Ubuntu 16.04
I am going to restore backup of several virtual_servers.
Restore seems to be ok, but everytime I noticed this warning:

… WARNING - The following features were enabled for one or more
domains in the backup, but do not exist on this system. Some
functions of the restored domains may not work : Plugin virtualmin-mailman

…actually I do not see Mailman in “System Settings” -> “Features & Plugin”.
How can I install it correctly?

Should I simply install it through apt or using this file:


Hi, yes mailman plugin was removed sometimes ago from virtualmin default install… you can install it onto your system with apt install mailmain or similar command.

You can install it with apt.

You’ll need the mailman package and the webmin-virtualmin-mailman package.

Why was it removed as a matter of interest?

Only about 5% of users used it, and we wanted to keep the installation size down. The full installation has grown a bunch in the past few years, mostly because ClamAV has exploded in size (clamd now requires about 530MB), but also because we’ve added fail2ban (which can grow quite large), and a few other things have grown, too. Mailman wasn’t huge, but for something that is so rarely used, it didn’t make sense to keep it as a default.

We’re also trying to simplify as much as possible. Virtualmin’s biggest usability issue is that there’s just too much in there. It has too many options. Removing Mailman from the default installation removes some options. That’s a usability win for everyone that doesn’t use Mailman (which is most users).