No file browser without nginx/apache?

Is there a reason why there is no filebrowser shown when nginx/apache website is not installed? We use one domain for ftp only and would like to be able to browse the /homes directory from within virtualmin…

there is no system details on this thread so answers maybe impossible, please add the system details !

Just tested it the file manager do show the folder structure when there there is no apache/nginx website installed but you also mention ftp
so is the issue with the inbuilt file manager or with some ftp client ?

Are your packages current? I’m pretty sure this was a short-lived bug that was fixed months ago, though I can’t find the discussion we had about it here.

sorry, I mean the internal “file manager” - and it is suddenly there again - and yes, I think I used a very old virtualmin as we defrosted an old VM which just updated all packages. sorry for the condusion :disappointed:

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