No existing Unix user exists to copy the password from

OS type and version CENTOS
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1Pro
Related packages SUGGESTED

after filled a domain , such as :

all just use default setting.
auto create member…

I am really tired of playing debug game.

I found about 4-5 problem ( maybe it is bug ) / just in 1 hour

the feature is powerful of winmin

layout is proper.
but not user-friendly, hope you can growth and change.

when i am tired, i will stop paid for next month
there is 2 ways for me

pay more money to use some other stable CP or use less feature , free version.


We would be glad to help. What is the exact error message that you’re getting? Adding a screenshot would help too.

Virtualmin is pretty stable and very capable. Most issues users experience is due to incorrect initial configuration. How did you install Virtualmin?

What CentOS version you’re running it on?

Administration user’s password : Unix user’s current password

default add virtual server, will select above option, but in my view, there should have enough tips to tell user custom the password

for a concept make it user-friendly, always ask user ( mean virutal root user), to give or random password to add virtual server.

How many more threads are you going to create and NOT give anybody any information to actually help you?

What EXACT OS are you running?
What sort of system are you running it on? (CPU / RAM / Etc.)

Just going from your posts, I’d say you’re trying to install Virtualmin on an outdated OS and a computer with less than 500 MB of ram.

I would like to tell you

it is 1 GB Ram,

completely new , didn’t install any other things, just webmin / virtualmin, also , it is just the first virual server created

CentOs 7, i don’t think it is out-of-date

If there is a problem, then must be user machine problem, then i cannot imagine how your business will be .

I would like to provide more information the problem / bug is very very special.

of course i can choose keep quiet, let the bug keep existing.

I recognize my attribute is not good, I hope it is just today.

I don’t think the problem happen on me , it is not different to testing or find out. however it is existing.

I guess you don’t care, because it is a big market over the world,
virualmin can keep growth and get more customers, and sell the whole co. to big enterprise.

This is just my thoughts from my experience of asking for help on here. I’m no Linux whizz kid. Far from it. But I learned that if I’m asking for help you need to be very specific about the exact problem you are having, give as much detail as possible about it, give complete information about the hardware and software you are using and then people will be very willing to help. I’m a new user but I learned very quickly that asking for help needs you to put in the effort to get the help you need.

I will respect on this.

it is nice that people help each other. If i can, i would like to help with other too.

Could you tell us exactly how you installed Virtualmin on your CentOS 7 instance?


i am not pro in linux,

the server is from vultr, the centos 7 without selinux version

i install the virtualmin step :
install webmin , then install virtual min , just follow the step online

before install webmin : i installed this :
yum -y install perl perl-Net-SSLeay openssl perl-IO-Tty perl-Encode-Detect ufw

Especially if you’re not a pro in Linux, you shouldn’t follow random guides online. You won’t have complete installation following these steps. Virtualmin must only be installed using official script, on a fresh/clean system.

Can I have a link to the tutorial via PM, I will contact the author.

This is completely wrong. It’s this simple:

  1. Install your OS. Install the base script only. Do not add any additional options or software to it.

  2. In your terminal, type the following command:

$ wget
  1. After that type:
$ sudo /bin/sh

That’s it. You’re done. It’s that simple.

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