No Command Line API

Our command line API for both virtualmin and webmin seems to be missing entirely. I ran a search (find / -name "") for three separate perl scripts that I knew were included in the command line API, but they were nowhere to be found. Do I need to manually install it, or what?


So, there’s several variables here that aren’t defined by your question, so I’ll just explain a few things and hope it answers your question:

No need to search. The API scripts currently live in the virtual-server directory. On RPM-based systems, this is /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server, and on deb-based systems this is /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server. On tarball installed systems, it depends on where you installed Webmin.

The complete Virtualmin API is only included in Virtualmin Professional. Virtualmin GPL has all of the basic CRUD functions (Create, Update, Delete) plus listing for the virtual server domain accounts, but none of the Install Scripts, none of the reseller functions, none of the spam/AV stuff, etc. So, perhaps you’re using a Virtualmin GPL system and were looking for API scripts that only exist in Virtualmin Professional.

Webmin has a somewhat different API model, and in fact, the simplest way to use it does have to be installed separately. It does not include simple command line tools for all of the GUI functionality the way that Virtualmin does–you actually have to write some Perl (or XML-RPC) code to make use of the Webmin API. See here for Perl:

Of course, I assume you’ve already read the documentation for the API, but just in case:,command_line_api/

Holler if your confusion persists.