No ability to change user name

just a thought there is no way you can change your username … this may be good if you choose the wrong username at registration or you wish to change it later

If you mean the forum software, then no, users can’t change their usernames, but generally, this is a good thing

An admin or mod could change your username if you ask nicely (assuming that they are willing to change usernames on request)

I’m not sure if we can. I mean, I don’t know how. The user is created/managed in WordPress, but then there’s also a shadow user here in the forum (Discourse), and I’m not sure if changing the name in WordPress would propagate here.

There was some weirdness with names becoming duplicates and getting changed to something else automatically when converting from Drupal to WordPress a few years back…and I never figured out how to change things around for the couple of users who didn’t like what their name became when it got automatically changed.

I’ll try to do some more reading on the subject this weekend, if I get some free time.

I didn’t realize that WordPress was also involved, which complicates things

If it were Discourse alone, it should be easy enough to change a username (but I’m not 100% sure)

To be fair I would have do the job with one piece of software = no complications

Which one piece of software has good ecommerce, good user and content management functionality, and a good forum with some sort of private ticket-y type system?

Edit: And I’m blocking anybody that says Drupal or Joomla (we’ve spent years on both).

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To be fair I did that with mybb,
but to do it you need to install/write a few plugins and have a good understanding of PHP
work in progress site


You can integrate any major forum software into it like phpbb, xenforo, VBulletin and the most commonly used bbPress which is a forum software made specifically for Wordpress.

Would pee on wordpress if it was on fire … not my scene at all

Then you are in the extreme minority. It controls 43% of the websites on the planet. There’s a good reason for that.

The next highest ranked system doesn’t even have a 5% market share.

hmm mixing html & php in one file how old is a statement like
<table><tr><td><?php echo "what am I doing"; ?></td></tr></table>
much more efficient and easier to code php in one file & html in another … so in other systems the above statement could be something like
where $what has been prepared and available to the code that renders it … tbf there may be some security issues there injecting php code directly into html.
but to be fair once I hit this in WP I gave up with it and moved on to software that doesn’t do this and also some bits of software that remove php from their templates … each to their own I guess

and the reason is ?

you posted a different address

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