Nice work with the new virtual-server-theme !!!

Hi Joe and Jamie,

You guys have done a really nice work with the new virtual-server-theme!! It looks and works great!

Very nice to be able to set your own left frame width! - Thanks!!

But I also have one small “thumbs down”!
The font size in system logs, and also the message body in “read mail” is really small and makes it hard to read now. I also have to say that I haven’t checked if this is configurable somewhere.

Anyway… Really nice work!!

I have made some good choices in my life - And one of the best was back in 2005 when choosing Virtualmin Professional for our server!

Best regards,
Leif Blafors

It looks and works great!

I’m glad to hear you like it. As I mentioned in the announcement, there have been a few negative reviews amongst testers about the move to bordered boxes in the System Information page. Some folks like it, others don’t. Hard to please everybody. :wink:

I’m in the midst of rolling out a -2 release to correct the font size issue. The CSS fonts reset caused this one to go a little wonky.<br><br>Post edited by: Joe, at: 2008/12/15 16:22