nginx support without limitations


is there an ETA to the support of nginx without the actual limitations?


anyone? :frowning:

here’s a page that explain how to:

The only problem is IE8… but I don’t think that in 2016 April this is a real problem.

Is this replicable automatically on Virtualmin during the creation of virtualhosts?

no one interested in SSL and nginx?! :frowning:

I use VIrtualmin with Nginx and SSL and it looks like it works fine. What’s the issue?

Thank you kindnation,

the only thing that stop me to migrate to nginx is this limitation:

Limitations of Nginx
Nginx as configured by Virtualmin lacks some features of Apache, such as :

Only one virtual server can have SSL enabled per IP address, even if a wildcard or UCC certificate would potentially allow multiple SSL sites to share the same IP.


Do you have a solution for that?


I’m using Nginx with SSL, with multiple domains sharing a single IP. I’m guessing that’s outdated information.

oh it’s a great news! thank you
do you configure ssl manually?
Are you using SNI?