Nginx SSL module not working

I have just done a clean install of Debian 6, installed virtualmin then followed the docs to switch to Nginx, but when I click on the Nginx SSL Webserver module, all I get is:

Index of /virtualmin-nginx-ssl

Name Last Modified Size

install-type 05/02/2012 25:43:18 4 04/02/2012 37:57:23 105
lang/ 05/03/2012 31:17:22 4096 04/02/2012 37:57:23 15997 04/02/2012 37:57:23 706

You don’t actually need to access the Nginx SSL module like that - instead, it exists to provide an additional feature for domains in Virtualmin called “Nginx SSL website”. This is an option you can check on the Edit Virtual Server or Create Virtual Server page.

Ah I see, is it possible to set an index page for the module which explains that then?

Also quick question on the php implementation with nginx, how do I restart the php fastcgi service after changing the php config?


Actually, it shouldn’t even appear on the left menu at all … I will fix that in the next release.