NGINX server replacement with Apache

I have installed Virtualmin with NGINX server. Unfortunately, I have a lot of problems with configuring websites and would like to uninstall NGINX and install Apache. What is the method for making the replacement? Thanks so much.

Check if the Apache webserver is already listed under:
Webmin -> Server.
If yes, make sure to enable and configure it.
NGINX should be listed there as well. You should be able to disable itself there. Otherwise it might be needed to rerun the configuration wizard. But before you do that, make sure to check the system configuration / virtualmin configuration itself for such option. (couldnt remember that properly, sorry).

To replace Nginx with Apache use the distro’s package manager to remove Ngnix and its Webmin modules. Then install Apache with the package manager. Restart Webmin and run the configuration wizard in Virtualmin. If you’re lucky there won’t be errors but you’ll likely run into problems. If the server is new and it gets messy, a clean installation of Virtualmin will be easier and quicker.

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