NGINX Reverse Proxy Config

I have used NGINX stand alone as a reverse proxy on several occasions. I am evaluating the use of Virtualmin for a client facing need. Is it possible to configure the full reverse proxy config from within Virtualmin?

I see the proxy settings options under Configure Nginx Website, which appear to configure parameters for proxy use, however I am unable to find any documentation on how to add the location and applicable proxy_pass equivalent from within the interface. Am I missing something obvious?



While I’m not deeply familiar with the nginx module yet, I believe the proxy configuration settings in Virtualmin’s current nginx module are focused on use for running applications (e.g. proxying to backend PHP or Ruby application servers that host the application), rather than acting as a general purpose frontend proxy.

What task specifically are you hoping to accomplish with the reverse proxy? The nginx module can be made more flexible, as we understand people’s needs better. What has been implemented, so far, are the use cases we’ve seen.


Personally, I’m considering setting up a reverse proxy so that I can speed up a number of websites. That is offer functionality to that of a CDN minus geographical availability.

I’d need it to support both SSL and non-SSL requests.

*** the nodes with nginx would be specifically used for this purpose, pointing to an origin host ***