NGINX options

I have demo’d Virtualmin and really like it. It appears to be well thought out, and developed.

However, I work on projects that require performance web servers, and Apache is loosing ground quickly. Nginx configuration is like a walk in the park.

I really want to purchase this, really I do. If Virtualmin had nginx options, I would have already had it.

I just see nginx becoming THE standard web server for virtualized environments.

This should be a TOP priority for the Virtualmin developers. I wouldn’t mind paying more for it, if it were included.

What is the hold up?

Yeah, Webmin and Virtualmin are pretty tied to Apache at the moment… however, support for more light-weight web servers is in the works. As folks begin to use VPS’s with less and less RAM, it becomes more important to get the Virtualmin stack working in smaller amounts of RAM.

So, it’ll come, keep an eye out in the News forum :slight_smile:


Any timeline for this? This is sorely needed…

Sorry, there isn’t a timeline… it’s likely to be a few months at least, but it’s definitely on the agenda :slight_smile: