Nginx instead of Apache at Virtualmin installation

**Operating system:Debian
**OS version:10

I have searched and found some descriptions how to change to Nginx AFTER the installation, but none how to “replace” Apache in the installation script.

Is this possible? How?

/bin/sh --bundle LEMP

Edit: Also, the install script has --help and the download/install doc recommends you read that to find out the available options. This is not a secret option.


I found this, but when edit this i cannot sudo /bin/sh path-to-desktop /

Is there a “minimal nginx” wget ?

I have no idea what you’re asking here.

The --minimal flag is documented in the same --help I just mentioned!

I can download to my desktop and edit both LEMP and minimal. So far so good. But the script does not work when “uploaded” from my desktop

root@host:~# sudo /bin/sh /Users/sibert/Desktop/
/bin/sh: 0: Can’t open /Users/sibert/Desktop/

Stop editing the script. Nobody told you to do that. No documentation ever tells you to do that. The documentation and the --help tell you what options are available and what they mean.

Just run the script as documented:

$ sudo /bin/sh --bundle LEMP --minimal

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