Nginx + GIT


I am successfully using Nginx instead of Apache in my server. I am now trying to use the GIT scm plugin. I could enable it on Features page, but when i try to add it to a virtualserver i get this error:

“Failed to create virtual server : Git cannot be enabled unless a website is”

Do anyone know how can i solve it?



That text appears to be a bug – that should say that it can’t work without Apache being enabled. That is, it won’t work under Nginx.

The Git support relies on features that are only available in Apache.



That’s not actually all true. I install GIT and GIT web without having to install anything from Apache. I know that GITWEB package is meant to work under apache, but its package doesn’t hard depend on it. I could configure gitweb to work with NGINX manually using FCGI without major problems. Don’t you think we should be able to use it on Virtualmin?