Nginx bootup start failiure

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.021 Usermin version 1.861
Virtualmin version 7.7 Pro Authentic theme version 20.21
Time on system Tuesday, May 9, 2023 1:21 PM Kernel and CPU Linux 5.15.0-1037-realtime on x86_64

Im having some strange issue with nginx.
It keeps failing on boot for me. I can go and start it manually after without any issue.

error log only show:
2023/05/09 13:14:12 [emerg] 980#980: bind() to [2a03:b0c0:3:d0::1723:2001]:443 failed (99: Unknown error)

And status is always “unknown”

This may be of help

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