NGINX and using quic/http 3

OS type and version Debian Linux 12
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.90 Pro
Related packages unknown

I was hoping to experiment with QUIC / HTTP 3 using the NGINX server, loaded and installed using Virtualmin.

But I am very confused as to what I should do. The version loaded and running is:

nginx version: nginx/1.22.1 (and Packages thinks this is the latest version)
built with OpenSSL 3.0.8 7 Feb 2023 (running with OpenSSL 3.0.11 19 Sep 2023)

but when I look at the NGINX documentation to setup QUIC it states I need:

Support for QUIC and HTTP/3 protocols is available since 1.25.0.

Is there a way of doing this without “loosing” the ties to Virtualmin. We also seem to be running a reasonably old version NGINX, so also wondering why, it seems to have progressed some ways since Feb 2013.

Anyway, if someone has an idea on how I can do this safely please let me know.


Information on this was found at: Support for QUIC and HTTP/3

Read here, no Debian support yet, maybe use a different OS.

I don’t use NGINX, but you really don’t want to be building from source on a virtualmin machine unless it just development.

found this, he is using debian

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