Nftables? And a option for choosing a firewall in the install script?

In the process of switching to Debian from CentOS I hit some firewall problems. That’s when I read that Debian is deprecating iptables. So tried firewalld with nftables and ended up in a mess, and Fail2ban not working etc :slight_smile: Well, what’s that new stuff (for me) called nftables? So set up a fine firewall I never saw before for a hosting VM in like minutes, and you know what? It makes somehow more sense to me. At least editing the files that is.

Decided to use it but I always hit a problem with the Virtualmin script: it installs firewalld and iptables and the system ends up being a mess, even loosing SSH connection. So two things here:

  • would you consider to provide a Webmin module for nftables? Would be nice!
  • can you offer some option to install a few firewall recipes, like choosing one? or at least not install at all a firewall?

Because the first thing you should when you run somewhere remote/in the cloud is installing a firewall on the minimal install… The second thing you shouldn’t do is installing a second one. So there is that.

And I always forget about the damn firewalld that Virtualmin installs when wondering why stuff is not working.

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