Nextcloud script Upgrade

OS type and version: CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17 Pro
Related products version: /

Hi wanted to upgrade my Nextcloud version but I’m getting this message here:

Upgrading Nextcloud to version 22.2.3 …

… failed dependencies : PHP version 7.3 or later is required, but this virtual server is using version 7.2

The point is that I’m using PHP 7.4 so this should work…
Also the check configuration detects my PHP correctly

Thanks for any advice (yes I could upgrade directly within Nextcloud but Until now the script update also worked)

I am guessing the check detects multiple php versions also? Virtual server needs to switch to use 7.4 under php options.

When I check under PHP Options I just have 7.4.26 - Which is normal as I just have that version installed…

When you click on ‘check configurations’ in Virtualmin, does it also detect 7.4 only or also 7.2? Is your php-fpm also listed as 7.4 or 7.2 in your dashboard.

I checked and both seems correctly detected for me

Before 7.4 I had 7.2 installee but it’s been a while since I swapped

if you’re using cli updater for nextcloud, you have to check what php-cli package you have installed (that’s the debian name, don’t know about centos).

Wondering if additional php packages needed like php-redis and php-apcu. Would at least compare modules from old to new setup. NC config.php may also need to be edited and not point to 7.2. Might be better to post on the nextcloud forums.

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