Nextcloud problem: Need to switch to mod_php


I’ve having an issue with our new Nextcloud host on a CentOS 7.3 server using Remi’s 3rd party php 7 repository. Basically, I try moving a file in Nextcloud to the SMB mounted storage (a supported Nextcloud feature) but the file move gets truncated half way through and the move fails. This only happens on larger files, such as ones great than 300 MBs. This wasn’t an issue on our old ownCloud (Nextcloud’s predecessor) server which wasn’t using Virtualmin Pro and was running CentOS 7.3 with the stock php 5.4. The new server was loaded with Virtualmin Pro because I love the management features such as Let’s Encrypt. :slight_smile:

From my Nextcloud support thread:

How fast is the connection between your server and the SMB storage?

Official support (and test) is only for mod_php. There are often some issues with mod_fcgid and I can’t tell you if there are some general restrictions or if it’s just have to figure out a good setup (in contrast to mod_php or nginx, there is no example config to start from).

So is there a way for me to switch from mod_fcgid to mod_php in the vhost instance?