Nextcloud as subdomain or aliese?


I’m on ubuntu. Just looking around for information to build nextcloud server on virualmin, and migrate my data and database to new instance.

I;ve got a few questions:
Not sure how I should run nextcloud as a subdomain or alies? like
All dependencies that nextcloud server requires I have to install simply on host OS? Or I dont know something?
Usually a file owner is www-data:www-data, but in virtualmin all privileges is under users name. How overcome this?

Thanks for any info.

Use a domain, sub-domain or ‘sub-server’ in Virtualmin’s nomenclature.

Most of what Nextcloud requires is already installed by Virtualmin’s installer. There are a few extra PHP extensions to install depending on whether you end up caching with APCu, memcached or Redis. It’s all documented in the Nextcloud help pages.

There’s nothing to overcome, that’s PHP-FPM by design. When setting up Nextcloud or anything else involving users and groups, you’ll sometimes need to specify the vhost’s PHP user instead of www-data.

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