Newly Migrated Domain on Shared IP is Assigned IP "Any" and Resolves to Wrong /home Directory

I migrated another domain from our old CentoOS box (where it had it’s own IP) and restored it to a cloud server on a shared IP.

even though IP assignment is there in “Edit Virtual Server” as Current IP address

and this also appears in the Change IP Address panel… when I go to WebMin --> Apache Server…

I see this:

Virtual Server 	Any 	80 	/home/newserver/public_html 	Open..

DNS has already propagated for this new server and I have my /etc/hosts file on my own box set to

but when I try to get to it in a browser… we get the home page for # on this same shared IP

i.e it resolves to /home/anotherserverorg/public_html/index.html

instead of the DOCROOT for


I tried stopping and start apache (after reading another post here on this same problem from someone else) and indeed there were some config errors. The directives for had a few archaic lines that were not correct (or even needed) and after I deleted those I could run apach2clt stop (then start) without a an error… but, going back to WebMin, the IP for this server, port 80 was still stuck on “Any” and in a browser, stil resolves to the DOCROOT of a different virtual server on the same shared IP.

OH I should add this is on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS…