Newline unexpected - Install script problems

Hi all, I am desparately trying to get the install scripts to work but each time I run I get either 2: syntax error : newline expected


./ 1: syntax error near unexpected token ‘newline’
./ 1: ‘’

I was originally installing this on Debian 9 but now downloaded version 8.9 just to make sure.

Sorry if this has been covered but spent hours researching and trying again.

Thanks all for help on this !


Its typical that I spend all this time researching a problem , post in the forum them end up answering the issue myself.

This turned out to be an ISP issue which I resolved a little by chance as I VPN’d to my home and as all the traffic was then routed via my home ISP I ran the download and script again and it all works fine now.

So for anyone how get this problem, ensure your not being filtered/blocked.

Thanks all