newbie: cloudmin for EC2

Thinking about cloudmin. We currently run a couple of dedicated servers running cpanel for clients but webmin for internal servers. Thinking about trying out EC2, but nervous. I have some basic questions.

We are thinking about kicking off a low load lamp server to start with.
Here is what we run:

  • latest CENTOS
  • LAMP stack
  • Multiple user accounts and IPs
  • TYPO3
  • Magento

What we would like

  • daily system backups
  • individual account backups
  • ability to maintain a base EC2
  • ability to do quick restores

Is this a realistic at his time? Any tip are appreciated. I’m interested in reliability of the EC2 service, ease of management, recommended instances to start with etc.


Actually I may be thinking about this wrong. Does Cloudmin have virtualmin features?


Yeah, most of the features you’re mentioning above are actually provided by Virtualmin itself… those are two separate products with different feature sets.

Cloudmin is a tool for managing and provisioning VPS’s, as well as a tool for assisting you in managing multiple servers.

Virtualmin is a tool for handling web hosting related needs on one server.

At a certain point, when you have enough servers running Virtualmin, having a tool like Cloudmin to tie it all together proves useful :slight_smile:

Cloudmin will allow you to create and manage EC2 instances. However, if you only need a few of those, you can always create them manually, and just pop Virtualmin on them.


Hi Eric,

Thanks. I have spent the better part of the day playing with the EC2 management console. I am starting to get it. I appreciate the help. It would be nice if there were some screen grabs of the Cloudmin GUI posted.