New Webmin version 1.345

Hi all,
I’ve just rolled version 1.345 of Webmin into the repositories. This is primarily a bugfix release, and includes a few things we need for about-to-be-released versions of other modules and a new version of the installer that’s coming soon with support for CentOS/RHEL 5 and Debian 4 (don’t ask “when?”, as I don’t know…but definitely soon).
As usual, it should show up in your Virtualmin Package Updates list. You can also get it via yum, yast, urpmi, apt-get, as appropriate for your OS.
Changes since 1.340 (we had 1.341 in the repos prior to this, so some of these changes have probably already been available):
<dt>Webmin Core
<dd>Added Redhat Enterprise release 5 support.

<dt>BIND DNS Server
<dd>Updated the Edit Record form to use, for easier theming.

<dt>Perl Modules
<dd>Added Module Config option to not install modules from APT or YUM.

<dt>Custom Commands
<dd>Removed the Module Config option to control if a shell is used when executing a command as a user, since we can now work this out automatically.


<dt>File Manager
<dd>When editing an HTML file, the <head> section is preserved.
<br>Added a link in the HTML editor window to swich to plain text mode.

<dt>IPFilter Firewall
<dd>Added an option to match ports NOT within some range (and fixed the old option to match ports within a range).

<dt>Read User Mail
<dd>Removed huge un-necessary plugins and styles for Xinha.
<br>The list of users to ignore is no longer checked with an un-necessary regular expression.


<dt>Network Configuration
<dd>Fixed broken SuSE 10.2+ support.

<dt>Postfix Configuration
<dd>Added Module Config options for stop, start and reload commands.

<dt>PostgreSQL Database Server
<dd>Use HTML format output from the pgsql command, to handle queries for rows containing newlines and special characters.

<dt>Disk Quotas
<dd>Added a Module Config option to sort user lists by the percentage of soft quota used.

<dt>Squid Proxy Server
<dd>Fixed transparent proxy setup in Squid 2.6.

<dt>System Time
<dd>Added check for empty timeservers field.

<dt>Webmin Configuration
<dd>Added an option to the Proxy Servers form to fallback to a direct connection if the proxy is down.


As always, let us know about any problems you run into by filing a bug in the bug tracker.

From the Update Notes above, it is not apparent if mcrypt is now compiled with PHP.

Could you please advise if mcrypt is now included in Webmin 1.345? Or will it be included in the next release?


PS: Without mcrypt, running phpMyAdmin is super slow, relatively speaking.

Webmin has no relation to PHP. I’ll have to build new PHP packages to add that (it’s on the todo list).

Any reason needs to be run every 5 minutes? It’s a CPU hog and I disabled it in cron.

Hey Scott,

You can run it less often. The new 3.40 Virtualmin release should reduce the resource usage a bit. The front “System Information” page is now so complex and has so much variable data that it was becoming time-consuming to generate it on every page load, so we now generate it periodically. What period you choose doesn’t really matter, as long as you don’t mind older data being shown (though it does always have up to date Virtualmin data, like server counts and such, since it doesn’t have to poll the system for that data).

Ok… I pretty much reduced that main page down to the original look anyways. Just the normal info from the GPL version is all I needed.

Hey Scott,

I agree, the System Information page is getting to be serious overkill. We didn’t add anything to it without at least a few users asking for it…but when taken as a whole, there’s too much going on (thus the hiding of several things by default).

I’ve got some ideas for the future of that page, which will probably begin to trickle in once the new AJAX-y theme is rolled out (coming this week, I hope), and maybe we’ll move back towards a bit more simplicity by default. But, I’ll have to answer to everyone who wanted all of the extra stuff when I remove it by default…so I can’t really win this war against complexity. :wink:

I prefer the simple status the GPL has. If I want to know know more I can always look at our mrtg stats. The current default front page has a lot of info the average person just doesn’t need.

As for the people that did ask for it I wonder if they ever heard of ssh and a console?