New Webmin Logos Fight to the Death!

Howdy all,

Webmin, the much beloved core of Virtualmin and VM2, will be ten years old on October 3rd (they grow up so fast!), and to celebrate, we’re giving it a new logo. The current spider web logo has served its purpose well, but the time has come for a facelift to match Webmin’s new GUI and stature as the world’s most popular web-based system administration tool (downloads from are a hair shy of 9 million!).

Here’s the announcement at the new Webmin blog (what? Webmin has a blog? yep…we’ll announce that soon, too…cart somehow wound up before the horse, it seems):

Submit your logo ideas or check out the progress of other entrants at SitePoint:

We’re giving away the following cool prizes:

$500 cash moneys!
T-shirts with the logo you design on it!
Virtualmin Professional Unlimited license ($249 value)!
Awesomeness that can only be acquired through having your work seen by
millions of people every single day!

Tell all your designer-y friends, vote up the below stories at Reddit and Digg and DesignFloat, and have fun with it (all you need is Illustrator or Inkscape and some spare time…and maybe some design talent)!

Here’s the social news stories, so far:

If you have a favorite social news site that covers this sort of thing, feel free to submit it. If you have any designer friends whose awesomeness is up to this task, poke them with a stick until they submit a logo.