New Webmin and Usermin version 1.360 and 1.290

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out 1.360 of Webmin, which has the following changes:

[li]Added the Bacula Backup module, contributed by Oceans Mind Corp.[/li]
[li]Simplified the process of selecting Apache modules on Debian and Ubuntu systems, to make use of the /etc/apache/mods-enabled directory.[/li]
[li]Sped up UID and GID allocation in the LDAP Users and Groups module, by probing the LDAP server.[/li]
[li]Added support for Gentoo 2006 in the Network Configuration module.[/li]
[li]Updated the Webmin and Usermin modules to allow blocking failed logins by username, and to show blocks currently in force.[/li]
[li]View the <a href="">detailed change log</a>.[/li]

And version 1.290 of Usermin, with the following changes:

[li]Completely re-wrote the indexing system for mailboxes, to make it faster and more reliable. Messages are now identified by a unique ID, such as the maildir filename or IMAP UID.[/li]
[li]Updated all pages in the Read Mail module to use for interface generation, to provide a more consistent and theme-able look.[/li]
[li]Messages marked as Special are now automatically added to a virtual folder of the same name, making them easier to find.[/li]
[li]Added a Preferences option to white-list recipients of email that you send.[/li]
[li]Added pages to the Filter Mail module to quickly setup an auto-responder or forwarding.[/li]

The Usermin updates are more noticeable, and definitely recommended–the UI is getting a lot cleaner. A new version of the Virtualmin theme for Usermin will be rolled out shortly, which makes several other usability improvements, specifically with regard to creation and management of forwarding and auto-responders.

Perfect! As far as I see, the new indexing option solved the problems in usermin with the messed up date sorting! Thanks alot!

Awesome. Thanks for the update. I was finding the indexing problem irritating, as well. (We eat our own dog food here.) :wink:

My next mission for Usermin is some feature to make handling large volumes of mail nicer (I’m trying to go from 32000+ messages in my inbox to using the Inbox Zero GTD method…Usermin doesn’t make moving thousands of messages into folders easy).

Hi Joe,

Love the new filter and forward / auto reponder interface. Very nice and easy to use! This has been an irritating when the spam email is bounced back. I’m looking forward to less email bounces when returning from vacation.

One thing I noticed with the new filter forward module, the auto-responders are showing from the forwarded email address instead of the actual email address that has the auto-reponder turned on. I just sent out a message from support to all email users regarding the new cool feature, and had about 7 email auto-reply come back from various users, but they were all marked from support.

The support account is also forwarded to my account.


PS Keep up the great work! =)