New Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.36

Hi all,
I’ve rolled out version 3.36 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module. This is one of our biggest releases ever. Tons of bugfixes, script updates, new features, mod_fcgid+PHP4+PHP5 improvements, and more. This version needs Webmin 1.330, so be sure to update Webmin, too.
Changes since 3.35:

[]PHP and Pear modules needed by script installers are now automatically installed when needed, if supported by the underlying operating system’s update service (APT or YUM).[/]

[]Added support for enabling Ruby scripts in a virtual server. This can be done on the Website Options page, with the script, on the mass domain update page, and set by default in server templates. Both execution via mod_ruby and CGI scripts are supported, assuming that the required software is installed.[/]

[]Updated the script (which is called from Procmail) to communicate with a permanent server process, rather than performing all processing on its own. This will reduce the load when email to multiple recipients arrives at once.[/]

[]Updated the PHProjekt and MediaWiki script installers to setup the database configuration automatically.[/]

[]Changed pages with tabs and hidden sections to be usable by the mobile device theme.[/]

[]Improved detection of multiple scripts being accidentally installed into the same path.[/]

[]Updated DaDaBiK script installer to version 4.2, WordPress to 2.1.2, phpMyAdmin to 2.10.0, phpList to 2.11.3, and MediaWiki to version 1.9.3.[/]

[]Added a button to the Edit Extra Administrator page for switching to his Webmin login without needing to know the password.[/]

[]Added the --primary-ip option to, to create an SSL domain on the primary IP.[/]

[]Added the Shared IP Addresses page under System Configuration for defining additional shared addresses that can be selected when creating servers without a private IP. Also updated the server creation page to allow selection of one of these shared IPs, and the program to use one with the --shared-ip parameter.[/]

[]Added the New Reseller Email page, for setting up a message to be sent to new reseller accounts.[/]

[]Added the --email parameter to and scripts.[/]

[]Updated many script installers to support PHP 5.[/]

[]All autoreply email message files are now hard linked to from /var/virtualmin-autoreply, and this path is used in the autoresponders. This allows them to continue working even when a domain’s home directory is not world-readable.[/]

[]Fixed bug that broke renaming of virtual servers when using debian-style sites-enabled directory for the Apache config.[/]

[]Fixed bug that prevented autoresponders from being updated properly when renaming or moving virtual servers.[/]

[]Fixed the Nucleus script installer so that it actually works, and increased version to 3.24.[/]

[]Fixed the b2evolution script installer to correctly use it’s built-in scripts for setting up the config files and database.[/]


To upgrade on Red Hat based systems:
yum update wbm-virtual-server
On SUSE systems:
yast -i wbm-virtual-server
On Mandriva systems:
urpmi.update -a
urpmi wbm-virtual-server
And on Debian and Ubuntu systems:
apt-get update
apt-get install webmin-virtual-server
To upgrade on systems installed using .wbm packages, download the module from:
Using your serial number as the username and your license key as the password. Then install it using the Webmin Modules module.
As always, let us know about any bugs you find by filing a bug in the bug tracker.

Hello Joe,

mine won’t update… fedora6

I did a yum update about 45 minutes before you posted this… could that have something to do with it???

I’ve tried it a few times… It keeps saying that “No packages marked for Update/Obsoletion”.

But in the title bar of my browser and the home page of virtualmin it says 3.35 instead of 3.36

I got Webmin and Usermin and that’s where it stops. No Virtualmin, no Awstats.