New Virtualmin virtual-server module 3.42-4

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out version 3.42-4 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module. This is a security fix for the Wordpress Install Script, and I recommend you upgrade as soon as possible if you have any Wordpress instances on your systems.

The issue is an SQL injection hole in Wordpress, and is relatively serious.

Once you’ve upgraded to the latest Virtualmin you can mass upgrade your Wordpress instances easily by clicking Script Installers in the System Settings menu, clicking the Upgrade Scripts tab, and finally selecting Wordpress 2.2.1 from the dropdown list and clicking Upgrade now.

If you were already running the 2.2 version, no database update is required. Otherwise, you’ll need to follow through each of the upgrade.php links provided to make the migration complete.

Please let us know of any problems you run into by creating a new task in the (new and improved!) bug tracker.<br><br>Post edited by: Joe, at: 2007/06/25 01:07

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