New Virtualmin Install and email TLS support


I have a new Virtualmin installation, Centos 7 on AWS. The host is named , My IP is unrestricted, reverse DNS is verified. I added as a virtual server so I Can get email and have website for it. The website will be at not mailx…

I also added so I can host email. I login to usermin for my account at and I can send email out to gmail, but I cannot reply back. Log indicates TLS problem as reply does not show up Usermin.

Sounds like TLS is problem. What is best way to get TLS enabled on Postfix (assuming since is the server, that is the host that needs the certificate). Do I just do a self signed or do I purchase one somewhere and then install it into Virtualmin?


  • Lou

We need the mail.log entries when trying to send mail. needs its own certificate i think…its using a certificate for a different domain.

Install a new certificate for from letsencrypt…its free. This capability to install one is built into virtualmin already. Read the documentation and you will see how to do it properly.

Also, you are saying you can send but not recieve? Have you made sure that the correct ports are open (25, 465, or 587 etc)?