New Virtualmin Framed Theme version 4.4

Howdy all,

Once more into the breach we go with a new version of the Virtualmin Framed Theme for both Webmin and Usermin. This one fixes a few bugs, handles the new Virtualmin module (and VM2, our super secret new product), and includes some nice cleanups and UI improvements. In particular, tables used in "grid" context now have nicer borders and alternating colored rows to make it easier to read and easier on the eyes. Try it in Usermin for reading mail. It looks sweet.

It’ll show up in your Virtualmin Package Updates list any minute now, and you can click update now to get it.

Let me know of any problems you see. We’re just about finished knocking out the old color selection stuff and onto nice and easy to style CSS classes, which means making themes for Webmin and Usermin is getting easier by the day (easier in the sense that you won’t have to write much, or any, Perl). I expect we’ll merge the current functions down into the stock ui_lib any day now.