New virtual server/user connect via ssh to the server (public key)

I ask on stackoverflow and now here. But I guess, here is a better place for doing it.

If you follow the link, you can see that I have got trouble with connecting via ssh to a virtual server.
With my sudo user it works, but I can not connect with a newly created virtual server, because i disabled root login and password authentication.

How can I add the new user/server to the key? I want to upload files via git to the server with ssh. But I get permission denied (publickey).

Hope, someone can help me… thx


To upload via SSH or SCP/SFTP with an OS that does not permit password. You may need to create the .ssh folder with permission 0700 and a .authorized_keys file with your public key and permission 0600 as a root or sudo user.

A tutorial on the topic.

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