New Virtual server(site) = user account in Ubuntu OS?

OS type and version Ubunntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1
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So i am just now embarking on some self hosting endeavors and learning the ins and outs of Virtualmin.

I have used Ubuntu on and off for many years, hosting a simple flat html site here and there and even a nextcloud server. but in this post i have a question about how the structure works…

When i make a new virtual server(or website as i have heard it be called for ease of understanding)…i see the file structure makes a user folder on the Ubuntu system.

well my ubuntu system is a VM on my unraid server. i opted to go for a full GUI version as it helps me learn at this point…so each new domain/virtual server/site i make gets a full on user account on the OS? is that right?

Yes. That’s correct.

Each domain gets its own user for security reasons; web apps run as the user.

Thanks for the response. I only really noticed it when i went to remote in via VNC on Unraid that i saw all the user profiles lists. I guess just didnt put two and two together when i saw the user directories in the virtualmin file manager

So that answer helps, thanks again. But now a related issue…when i delete a virtual server, that user directory does not get deleted and if i want to create that server in the future with the same name, i get an error.

That obviously should not happen. What error do you get when deleting?

Never mind, tested it again and its not doing it.

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