New virtual server php error (existing sites work)

I’ve got a Ubuntu 16.04 server that is hosting about 30 domains using Virtualmin. The websites already installed work (including several with Wordpress). The server is patched with all the latest updates.

I just created a new virtual server using the default settings and pages are giving me php errors - instead of php executing it wants to download. Adobe Muse says “PHP is not configured correctly on your web server. Muse forms will not work correctly unless PHP is enabled on the web server. Contact your hosting provider or website administrator about how to enable PHP support.” Well, I’m the website administrator and I don’t have a clue… I deleted the new virtual server and reinstalled it using a different username but get the same errors.

What’s going on? Any troubleshooting ideas?

This seems similar to the problem described in “Apache downloads the PHP files instead of executing them in FCGId mode” except that I’ve got a Ubuntu server and there is no such file as /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf - instead there are two files in /etc/apache2/conf-available - php7.0-cgi.conf and php7.0-fpm.conf - my virtualmin version is 6.01-3, php is version 7.0.22, Apache 2.4.18


Have you checked the error logs? Also be sure to check the Apache configurations for that domain. Oh and a trick I use all the time when things seem to correct but are not working is compare a “working” domain configuration to a “non-working” domain. You might learn something.

Last but not least, if you are still struggling to find a solution, feel free to drop me a line.