New virtual-server module version 3.13

I’ve just uploaded the latest version of the virtual-server module to the repository.
Changes since 3.12:

[]Added support for finding the mail log from syslog-ng, if using Webmin 1.270.[/]

[]Resellers and server owners without editing access can now change their passwords through the Virtualmin interface.[/]

[]When making a backup to a remote server, the connection is tested before the backup is actually started.[/]

[]All script installers that use a database will now be configured to connect to the correct remote database server, if one has been setup in the MySQL or PostgreSQL modules.[/]

[]If a mailbox user’s password is changed by the passwd command or some other program, Virtualmin will detect this and realize that the plain-text password stored for the user is no longer valid.[/]

[]Fixed a bug that prevented SuExec directives from being added to sub-server Apache configurations.[/]

[]When deleting a virtual server, its webalizer config files are removed too.[/]

[]Added an option when creating a virtual server with a private IP address to enter an IP that is already active on the system.[/]

[]MySQL database names containing the _ or % characters are now properly escaped in the db table, to prevent their owners from accessing or creating other databases.[/]

[]Added the --force-dir option to[/]