New virtual-server module version 3.12

I’ve just uploaded version 3.12 of the virtual-server module, which fixes several small bugs and adds the following new features:

[]Added a new Spam and Virus Delivery page for modifying the destinations for messages classified as spam or containing viruses, after a virtual server has been created.[/]

[]Added the program for changing the spam and virus delivery actions from the command line, and updated the program to show the current delivery settings.[/]

[]The Running Processes extra modules config option now allows you to choose if a domain admin can see other users’ processes.[/]

[]A custom prefix can be specified when importing or migrating a virtual server.[/]


To upgrade to the new version on Red Hat based systems:
yum update wbm-virtual-server
Or, on SUSE systems:
yast install wbm-virtual-server