New virtual host redirecting to another domain

7.3 pro REQUIRED

I installed a new virtual host, then installed wordpress because ghost failed multiple times.
When I use the https for the new domain I get redirected to another domain on the server.
I have no idea why a new WP install would redirect traffic so please let me know what I should check.


Do you have SSL setup for this domain?

Thank you for your response.
Yes, I have. See attached.
The URL is:

The thing that was missing was the “Apache SSL website enabled” since I understood that to mean self-signed and I wanted to use Let’s Encrypt. I have enabled that in Edit Virtual Server and it is working.


So my question leaf to the actual solution, lol. Funny how you credited yourself.

I will credit you if you like although this post gave me the solution. I marked a solution so this post would be marked.


It’s all good, just had a good chuckle. Glad it’s all sorted out.

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