New version of webmin causes problem with my cron

Did running that change the line or do you many me to edit it myself adding the line?

Never mind. I added it myself. That solved the problem :slight_smile: Maybe sure it’s in the newest version of webmin for next time :wink:

For users having this problem (without the latest patch), do you have the line forkcgis=1 in /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf ?

After adding
to /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf I am not having any problems.
The line
is missing in /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf; but that seems to be no problem

So that preroot line fixes the issue? Surprising!

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This is the actual patch to the initial problem:

This is related to what I had posted and I know it it resolved. (It has been) But…

Everything is working fine, not a problem. But since I got involved in this and found out that fastrpc only deals when there are two (or more) webmins running at the same how come I notice very often when I look at the programs that are running I see fastrpc not only running once, but many times. Lots of times, I see it has been running for days…

Here is an example: notice how much of a CPU it is using fora program that shouldn’t be running at all.
12404 82.0 % 14/Dec/2021 07:01 /usr/bin/perl /usr/libexec/webmin/fastrpc.cgi

As I said before, as long as I’m not getting errors, it doesn’t really matter, but shouldn’t someone see why this is running at all, let alone using so many resources. Just letting you know. If you hadn’t mentioned it shouldn’t be running at all, I wouldn’t have said a word. If it’s supposed to be this way, I’m sorry to both you.

Note: I do leave webmin opened in my browser the :10000 page, the running processes page and the bootup and shutdown page. If there is a problem it’s nice to have these already opened so I can monitor and restart services as necessary.

If you don’t have any other Webmin servers that your Webmin server is communicating with, you should not see any fastrpc processes…because who would they be talking to?

Other tools might use the RPC mechanisms to communicate with Webmin, too, but I’m not aware of any common ones. Basically, it sounds like you’ve configured some Cluster feature or configured BIND zone synchronization or something else that connects to other Webmin servers, and forgotten about it (or something nefarious is happening). The fact that they’re sticking around for a long time means the connections are probably not succeeding and timing out instead.

None of it should be happening if you don’t know about it. Please open a new topic if you can’t figure out why you have fastrpc processes.

Hi everyone, I just updated two servers running webmin version 1.981 to 1.983 and both servers got the “Unknown reason” error when running cron jobs. I applied Ilia’s solution Don’t alloction an IPv6 socket if not supported and that fixed the problem but shouldn’t there be a new version of webmin to fix this problem it’s pretty bad!

Yes, we discussed with @Jamie making a new Webmin 1.984 release, which should also include the latest theme 19.84.7.

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