New user template

Dear Developers,

I have a question for you, not asking a favour I would pay for it!

I need a user template for virtualmin 3.8. The functions are more important than the layout (it doesn’t have to look that good).

I need only the most necessary functions because the others distract the newbeek.

I would like to keep the following functions:

* Email address creation
* Email password change
* Email alias
* „A” and „mx” record change
* Subdomain creation
* Bandwidth Graph
* Cron

My question is if there’s any chance to make the template this simple?

It’s not a problem if the functions are available. If it knows the link it will find it but if it doesn’t know the link it won’t find it anyway.

If you think you can make it feel free to contact me (as I sad I pay for your time)

Thank you!

Regards, Bártfai

You mean the new virtual server email that is sent ?

Sorry, no i dont need email template, i woud like a new virualmin theme like Caldera theme and blue framed theme etc.

Oh that… well making a theme isn’t that hard to do. However removing functions that are in the current one isn’t a good idea as most tie into other parts of virtualmin and could possibly break something.

It is also good for me if the most important functions are highlighted in my language. The default themes are really complicated to an everage user. There are too many functions the users don’t know how/what to use for. That is why I had the idea to make my own theme where only the frequently used functions are with explanations in my language. I thought if I write my explanations into the theme it won’t be lost with the updates.

What do you think?

I’m not sure what features/links in the Virtualmin theme are confusing. The only difference between VM Pro theme and say cpanel is the lack of a cluttered main screen with icons.

There are the docs for VM Pro/GPL as well. On the main screen top right there is a link to the docs, you could just translate those into your own language and past them to your clients as needed.