New user in a domain, no way to login in mail account trying template and others

Alma Linux 9 up-to-date (New VS)
I created a new user of
Virtual domain user details

  • IMAP / POP3 / FTP username (This cannot be changed from here)

Default template username is user@domain but the associated help does not recommend it because Postfix could be in trouble.

Using that username I tried send email from client app (Thunderbird) and login ftp (Filezilla) which is not related to Postfix. Login incorrect
I was able to login at Roundcube webmail.

At Webmin → System → Users and Groups I see the new user as
So I changed his username by user.domain. Checked the new email/ftp username in Virtualmin virtual server’s Users.
Still getting Login incorrect. in Filezilla.
Also tried changing the password, no way.

I tried with 2 Admin VS usernames which do not have extensions in their usernames and login was successful.
Also tried to rename by uusseerrr

Primary email enabled: Yes

Thank you!

Virtualmin sets up the users correctly if this is a new install. You shouldn’t need to edit the user in webmin.
Did you check the mail logs for the reason why the user login failed?

host postfix/smtpd[327231]: warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory

At Dashboard I see Saslauth is off. I don’t realize why is that. All displayed services are regularly on.
Can you also help with that?
I turned it On, and tried again with the original username I returned back
Still fail mail login. Same with ftp.
xferlog is empty
PS: now I was able to send email but connect ftp

Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Status: Initializing TLS…
Status: Verifying certificate…
Status: TLS connection established.
Command: USER
Response: 331 Password required for
Command: PASS ********
Response: 530 Login incorrect.
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

so what the server mail log say now, also FTP by default is not enabled on a user.

set this as well helps alot with authentication

It worked!
I suggest let mail and ftp options ready when creating a new user.
Thank you

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