New user addition does not work properly

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1
Virtualmin version 7.5

Default user:
New user:


I report some anomalies in adding a new user.

The default one works perfectly, testifying that the mail server is running properly:

On the other hand, as for the new one - despite it can physically send and receive the messages - I can detect the following:

  1. SMTP test not passed:

  1. Impossible to log in Roundcube - as the credentials are not recognized - whose reason is maybe connected to the following

  2. The “weird” syntax once the Mail alias is created (easy to verify):

here it is the content from /etc/postfix/virtual: info\

If I remove that backslash, I start to face an another problem, that one which does not allow to receive any email, better known under the alert User unknown in virtual alias table.

Do you have any suggestion to have a clean and working new user?

Thank you in advance.

There’s a long thread about this very thing already ongoing.

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