New to Virtualmin

I’m new to Virtualmin. I’m used to using Kloxo panel but since talking to a co-worker i’ve found the Webmin line a little more to my liking.
I see the Virtualmin Pro and free Virtualmin. What is the difference between the 2 and does anybody think the Virtualmin Pro is worth the price?

Myself and 2 other co-founders run webservers running Centos 5.8 and 6


Thanks for your interest in Virtualmin!

You can see a list of many of the differences here:

Oh wow thank you.
I didn’t realize Virtualmin offered so much.
I was about to go with Plesk for a multi-site panel but i’m having second and third thoughts now.

One other question I have… I have some websites setup on one server I need the Virtualmin Pro on. How easy will the upgrade be? Will I have to uninstall standard webmin and virtualmin then reinstall Pro or will it be seamless migration? Also is there anything else to buy other then the flat fee per server?
Exp: $139 for 10 domains/server?

I appreciate the link
Thank you,


So just to clarify – are you saying that you have Virtualmin GPL on a given server (along with some existing sites), and you’d like to upgrade that Virtualmin GPL to Virtualmin Pro?

If so, there’s a straight forward migration path there – you would just purchase Virtualmin Pro, and then go into System Settings -> Upgrade to Pro. It’ll handle the rest!

And no, there’s nothing else you would need to purchase – Virtualmin is a flat fee for a given number of domains. You’d only need to buy additional things after a year (when you’d purchase the renewal, which is cheaper), or if you want to host additional sites.

Let us know if you have any other questions!