New to Virtualmin, Name server and SSL error

hello, just installed virtualmin on my vps server running ubuntu 18.04 using the script, however i am having issues with the dns domain names, i followed up the wizard, and put my primary and secondary ns. however when i go to my registrar and try to add the custom name servers, it gets an error, what i think is i need to have a proper dns records for this to work, went to DNS and add the proper records but still nothing appears to work.

i get this error on the DNS : “Warning - errors were found in this domain’s DNS records : This domain has email enabled, but none of the MX records point to it. Either the MX records should be corrected, or the email feature disabled if mail is hosted externally.”

Another question i have is How to SSL the virtualmin host itself? thank you and hope you can guide me. thanks

PS: I submitted a ticket to for the PRO Licence and been waiting since hours and not respond, kinda disappointing with the customer services support. thanks


Sorry for the delay.

We saw your support request and replied to it on #node/68278.