New syntax highlighting options for code editor

The file manager has a really nice code editor with syntax highlighting and I use it all the time!
But for some programming languages the syntax highlighting is less than optimal although still very helpful. I would love for even just a few options for syntax highlighting so I can look at code from different angles. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way but I believe this would be very helpful.

The syntax highlighting comes from the editor we embed (CodeMirror). And, we use it because it’s among the best embeddable editors, in terms of syntax highlighting and other programmer-y features. But, I have no idea how to fix problems or add more languages. :man_shrugging:

Docs for that are here: CodeMirror Language Package Example

Ahhh I see. Well maybe some day. Thanks

@Joe, @Dave_Fruin,

Perhaps @Ilia might be able to at some point look into a way of implementing custom language packs wherever CodeMirror is being used.

I would suspect the user would need to supply their own custom language pack based on the instructions provided by CodeMirror or pay someone to do it for them.

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It looks like there may be additional languages in their github (but maybe they’re already embedded in the distribution release and just in their own repos for development, I don’t know, I have very little familiarity with the project): CodeMirror · GitHub

Also, please be more specific. What languages? What problems?

Yeah, I was also going to ask the same question.

@Dave_Fruin Dave, can you provide a screenshot of what’s not working? What is your Webmin and Authentic Theme versions installed?

We include all possible supported languages. Also, you can change syntax highlight at the top right of the editor window.

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