New server install question

Dear Virtualmin Users,

I’m trying to set up a virtualmin managed server.
This is my setup:
A hyper-v machine running a clean Ubuntu 16.04 server edition (so without gui) with just openssh server installed (Updated and upgraded!), running on a windows server 2012 r2 physical machine. I’ve issued a fixed local ip in my asus webrouter to the hyper v machine. Ports 80 and 443 are already forwarded to the ip, should I forward port 10000 too? Any others, I already know about 21 ftp, 22 ssh, 25 smtp and a port for imax?

Then I have a fixed IP (hooked up to my router mac address), hooked up to a domain name I already purchased at godaddy.

So my actual question here is: Do I give the domain name I purchased as FQDN? Also, do I put in godaddy’s ns?
Or do I call it localhost? I’m confused here.

The ultimate goal is to have 1 full website running on this virtual server, namely an apache, mysql, mail (subdomain set to be a and ftp server, which can be managed without to much terminal fiddling.

Thanks for your support!


Have made a subdomain
and set that as FQDN, hopefully that was right, as i want to access the control panel with that