New registrar for webmin-virtualmin-registrar?

What’s the process to get a new registrar into webmin-virtualmin-registrar?

E.g. we’re using Schlundtech for registering DNS domains. Since their control panel does not work too well beyond a certain number of domains, it would be nice to make Virtualmin register and unregister the domains.

I contacted Schlundtech, and they’d be glad to assist anybody in writing a bridge to their software. (I guess that means that they won’t program it for you :slight_smile: )


You may want to mention that in the support tracker, using the Support link above.

Alternatively, if that’s not on their todo list for the near future and you’re interested in doing some progrmaming, you could always take the webmin-virtualmin-registrar as a starting point and create a new plugin with that functionality :slight_smile:


On that same note: If I wanted a link into the Netlogistics (australian based) API for registering domains… Submit a bug report or look to code it myself?

Usually, if you have little time, little experience with Perl and Virtualmin, or low skills, it is best to submit a bug report.
If you have time, experience, and skills, coding it up yourself will get results faster (plus you’ll probably get a honorable mention somewhere on the Virtualmin pages, I guess).

I’m going for the bug tracker, for lack of experience with Perl and for lack of time.