New Java Module for Virtualmin

Hi -

We are releasing a new Java module for Virtualmin this week and would like to solicit Virtualmin hosters for testing.

It allows you to add private Tomcat, GlassFish, and WildFly instances for your customers.

Each customer gets their own a control panel to stop/start/restart their instance, manage jar files, deploy/undeploy applications, and edit main configuration files.

Instances are provisioned by you via a master module that allows you to determine what gets installed and controls memory limits. It also allows you to disable services if/when needed.

The module has already been tested extensively in QA.

We are looking for some real-world feedback on usability and features.

Participants will get a free, unlimited subscription to install on as many Virtualmin instances as they wish to.

Please email me if you would like to participate.


I don’t need this, and good on you for extending Virtualmin, but you don’t seem to have listed an email address for anyone to contact you with…

Hi -
On my profile it indicates other users can contact me via the Private Contact Form function.
Is there no such option appearing on the post?

Only admins can see user profiles. There were problems with spam in the past; it’s probably less of a concern these days, as we finally have effective spam control on the forums, and so the site isn’t as much of a target for spammers, but I’m still hesitant to open that door (even if it’s a pretty slow door through which to push spam, since someone would need to go to each user page to send spam to them).

I’ll look into how risky turning it back on might be, and see if there’s any way to protect it using the same anti-spam tools we’re using for forums (probably not, as so many things in Drupal seem to be abstracted in the least re-usable way possible).

Edit: Which means that, for now, you’ll need to provide a way for folks to contact you, or perhaps a download page (maybe with an email collector to make a mailing list so you can stay in touch with the folks who try it).

Hi -

This has been released now:

You can provision private Tomcat, WildFly, GlassFish, and Jetty instances for your clients on Virtualmin.

It can be installed via WHMCS or directly on the server.

Docs are at: