New install, lost connection after creating new virtual server

I installed Virtualmin with no issues. Went thru the post Installation wizard then tried to create my first virtual server using the primary domain and after going thru all the default steps it was restarting all the services and seems to have lost connection now I can’t login to my server, it says it can’t find it.

Maybe a firewall issue? You may need to allow port 10000, I can’t remember if that done with the wizard.


Hi, there,

actually everything is set-up by default when you run the VM install script.
For me that sounds like an Fail2ban issue maybe, can you still access your server by SSH? And did you run the install script on a fresh and clean install?

Yes, I was still able to reach my server by ssh, and I did run the install script on a fresh and clean install, within minutes of spinning up the server and not doing anything else but an update to it. Not sure what the issue was maybe just a glitch in getting my ip address propagated around or soemthing not sure, I did a complete rebuild of my server and it is working fine for now.

Hi there, strange behaviour :grimacing: but that’s nice to hear that now everything is working fine


This is expected, when currently used domain in URL and created virtual server match, as certificate getting changed, either generated or requested. The simple work around is to reload the page.

I did attempt to reload and also cleared browser cache, still didn’t work
Either way it got it working with that instance but decided to go with a different distro and now I’m having problems getting Lets Encrypt to install a cert but I’ll start a new thread for that issue

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