New httpd 2.4.6-67 packages for CentOS 7

Howdy all,

There’s a new set of httpd packages in the CentOS 7 repos. It addresses CVE 2017-9788.

Being a security update, everyone should update immediately.

Let us know if you find any problems.


Should be an update for CentOS 6 as well —

AH, well I guess in a sense I’m wrong because it’s only a patch for 2.4 and that’s only out of the software collections. Thanks for the prompt attention to this.

Yeah, as far as I know, we already have the latest httpd package available for CentOS 6. If ever you see us distributing an out of date httpd, please do let me know. I subscribe to the security mailing list, but I get so much mail I manage to miss httpd updates now and then.