New Domains Routing to Default Domain instead of Actual Domain Content

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7Pro
Related packages Apache, Mysql, PHP 8.2, Laravel,

I have a pro license for 50 domains and I have only used 19. I observed recently that new domains I provision on the server do not serve up the actual domain content. Instead, they point to default domain content.
I have checked the apache config files and everything is fine. I even cloned an existing domain that’s working normally to see if it might be a glitch in the provisioning process, still, domain visits goes to default website instead of the domain requested.

However, I ran a connectivity check which returns this message:
SSL website request failed - 500 Can’t connect to
I have SSL configured for this site and everything setup just like all other sites. I did mention earlier that the problem persisted even after cloning a working site on the same server.

Please, I would like to know what is wrong with my installation

When you create a virtual server, do not disable the check box for SSL website. For virtual servers that you have already created, edit virtual server, check the box for SSL website and save. This will likely show you the correct content for your domain.

Additionally and unrelated to the above, I visited your website and see that you do not have a SSL certificate that my browser trusts.

Thank you Calport.
I have that setting enabled by default and I have also attached a screenshot sowing the setting enabled.
As regards the trusted certificate, that may likely come from the default domain to which the site is redirected ( ) instead of the one being reported ( ). That notwithstanding, all DNS for the entire server and domains on it are hosted by Cloudlfare. I wouldn’t know why some are showing as untrusted.

Thanks again.

Yes, I see from the screenshot that you do have SSL website enabled for a virtual server, though I am unable to tell which one it is. Assuming it is the virtual server which is serving the wrong content, I am out of ideas about why this is happening.

Thank you so much Niel.
Could this have something to do with my license or is it possible to rollback to a previous virtualmin version? It’s really strange and frustrating right now.

I am quite certain it has nothing to do with your Virtualmin licence.

If you are able to trust a complete stranger with root level access to your server (God knows, I wouldn’t, but you might want to peruse my activity in the forum before you decide) then send me a private message with Virtualmin credentials and I’ll log in to your server and take a look.

This is almost certainly some variation on the theme of “The Wrong Site Shows Up” from our troubleshooting guide.

It is definitely not related to Pro or GPL.

A common variation of the above issue that has been coming up recently is IPv6 being enabled (and thus Virtualmin adding IPv6 VirtualHosts) but misconfigured (either at the network layer or in Virtualmin).

Also note that if SSL is not enabled on a domain, but you go to the https URL (which most browsers do by default unless explicitly told to do otherwise), you’ll get whatever site Apache thinks is the best one to serve that does have SSL (probably the “default” site).

Thanks Joe.
I have checked the referenced document and followed the guide. Everything is fine in my apache conf files.

I have logged into @sadorect’s system. Virtualmin is not configured correctly (Re-check Configuration fails) and domains are not configured correctly in Cloudflare, which produced the weird results.

And you were right about IPv6, Joe

Apache website : An IPv6 DNS record with address 2606:4700:3032::6815:1d29 exists, but this virtual server does not have IPv6 enabled

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Thank you very much for taking the time to look into this.
Yes, I have resolved the issue with cloudflare and the site is now working fine (the other issue has to do with internal routing with Laravel. That will be sorted).

However, on the part of disabling ipv6 or virtualmin not being properly installed, I am in a fix.

The IP address posted is not associated with my server at all and the network parameters on my network interface are totally different from what my ISP provided. Unfortunately, I couldn’t change them from the webmin interface, neither could I reach the relevant network config files from the Ubuntu file system.
The long and short question is, can I reinstall virtualmin without affecting the domains being hosted? Because that seems like the most logical thing to do now.

Thank you again